Effective Medical Procedures

Certain conditions can be treated quickly and easily with tried-and-tested medical procedures. At Family Medicine and More, you can get a variety of effective procedures for everything from pain relief to skin lesion removal.

10-Minute, No-Shot Migraine Treatment

If migraines disrupt your day, contact us to learn more about our 10-minute, no-shot migraine treatment.

Joint Injections

Do you suffer from joint pain? In our office, you can get an injection that reduces the swelling and pain. The injection takes only a few minutes, and in most cases, you'll be able to return to work the same day.

Our quick, easy treatment is a steroid or anti-inflammatory medication that's injected into a joint. This reduces swelling of the affected area. It's effective for most of your major joint pain.

•  Shoulders
•  Knees
•  Hips
•  Tennis elbow
•  Carpal tunnel
•  Plantar fasciitis
Joint injections

Muscle Pain and Trigger Point Injections

When muscle pain or trigger point irritations slow you down, Family Medicine and More has the solution. We'll use a small needle to inject a local anesthetic that alleviates your pain. Each procedure takes only a few minutes.

Muscle pain and trigger point injections are helpful for aches and pains in a variety of body parts and locations.

•  Back
•  Neck
•  Buttocks
•  Arms
•  Legs
Muscle pain

Skin Lesion Removal

Whether you want a skin lesion removed for cosmetic reasons, or you are concerned about skin cancer, Family Medicine and More is here for you. In our office, you can have several types of skin lesions evaluated by a doctor and removed quickly and conveniently.

•  Skin cancer
•  Moles
•  Infections
•  Lumps
•  Skin tags
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